Thinking out loud

Why and How to build an Employment Brand

Listen to life lessons of RBC's Estela Vazquez Perez as she describes how she came to believe that employment branding is a journey and not a destination. Her advice for companies looking to cultivate an authentic culture is well worth a listen and you will come away feeling inspired to help reshape your own organization.…

Brands build futures

Branding is about empathy, creating a vision of better experiences and relentless design optimization to increase market opportunity.  As a result, people can have positive feelings for your brand which increases your market opportunity. I aim at understanding brands, their offer and delivery of their vision. That helps me create a operating models to amplify your…

Your company has an employment brand whether you manage it or not.

Estela Vazquez Perez presents Employment Brand at Human Capital Institute Podcast - Episode Info In this HCI Podcast, Estela Vazquez Perez, Director of Employment Brand at RBC, demystifies the employment brand and explains how RBC’s Employment Brand Centre of Excellence works to engage current employees and attract top talent from around the world.