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People seek brands that can connect with their personal values and life plans. The same goes when choosing a workplace. The employer brand reputation becomes a magnet that attracts people to work for the company. Once employees are part of the team, we should know what makes them stay too. Talentscopic educates and enables modern workplaces to improve their employer brand reputation and optimize the employee experience — online and onsite.


Deliver your message to most desired market – on brand, on time, and on budget. Employer Branding Sprint


Calibrate stellar Employee Value Propositions to win candidates’ and employees’ choice. Employer Brand Sprint


Learn how to create experiences that connect people to strategy and purpose. Employee Experience Sprint

We help modern workplaces manage their employer brand reputation to better attract and retain people.

It's simple, a great employer reputation is profitable.

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Best performer 35%
Low performer 1%
Top performer 56%
Low performer 30%
Top performer 75%
Low performer 55%
Top performer 55%
Low performer 25%
Top performer 45%
Low performer 30%

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Our data-based decision making emables multinational teams. You can access frameworks that have been tested globally, in Fourtune 500 companies. Learn how to design an employer brand and its award-winning employee experiences based on my own research framework, the Employer Brand Index™ Read more about it in our Founder’s Story

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Talentscopic helps modern workplaces manage their employer brand reputation.

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