Brand Sciences to attract and engage talent.

Inspire, engage, and energize people with your purpose.


Learn how brand marketing sciences apply to Human Resources. We build a safe and caring environment.

Grow and achieve

Discover new ways of thinking. Become a better marketer of your purpose, strategies and people programs.

Unleash people's potential

Lead brand building employee experiences that support business strategy, specially when you are on growth mode.

“We are Engineering Joy™, keeping up with workplace paradigms and innovation that ignite business opportunity. We develop brands and human-centric experiences to attract, engage, and develop people. You can reach into premium learning experiences that are effective, engaging, and immersive to create a desired brand and culture.

Estela Vazquez

Founder and CEO, Talentscopic

Game changing sessions

For you or anybody you think may need a dust-off or rebrand.


Explore your personal brand, focus on your strengths, and discover profitable business models. A great gift for new grads, new Canadians, and professionals in transition.

Team Workshop

Focused on HR or marketing leaders who want to explore the benefits of aligning brand, people and culture.

Topics may include employer branding, experience design, or culture transformation. This session requires 120 min.

Strategy Session

Need help building the business case? Let’s create new questions. Become a better marketer of your employee programs. We can move the people, brand, and culture forward.

Consulting and Engagements

The buzz

We are creating brands that increase opportunity for our clients.
H. Asproloupos,

H. Asproloupos,

HR Capital Markets, Scotiabank

"BRAND REPUTATION – She is passionate about Employer Branding and brings her global experience to Scotiabank’s teams in capital markets and HR in Europe, Americas, Asia to articulate the employer brand platform for the organization."

J. Kipps

J. Kipps

Managing Director, Universum Canada

"TALENT ATTRACTION – I meet frequently with the employer brand leaders of some of Canada’s largest and most innovative employers. Estela stands apart. She has a deep understanding of how to develop compelling global employer brands that will reach hard-to-acquire talent."

D. Matzanke

D. Matzanke

Global Diversity & Inclusion

"EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE – Estela is truly a world class colleague. She is extremely knowledgeable about her area of expertise and she combines creativity with rigorous attention to validation that is second to none. She is a warm and generous colleague."

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