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5 strategies to build a Global Best Place to Work

5 strategies to build a Global Best Place to Work

Scotiabank is a well-known brand in Canada with ongoing mergers and acquisitions in the Pacific Alliance including Mexico, Chile, Peru and Colombia. The footprint in Europe and NorthAmerica was not strong enough to attract the required talent to scale up the business. We set to establish an enviable Employer Brand Reputation that sustains the business in Europe, North America and the Pacific Alliance.


  • Establish a baseline using our Employer Brand index to enable leaders in making faster and more accurate decisions on all things talent attraction and retention.
  • Establish an employer brand platform and employee value propositions to integrate the global organization.
  • Activate the brand across 335 channels that cover local and global audiences
  • Win every employer award that is relevant o the segments that matter.
  • Create the Employee Experience Principles of Design that will ignite a new design of HR service delivery.


  • Won Global Best Place to Work and related local awards in four continents. Achieved 95% awareness.
  • Aligned employee experience to business, brand, and culture that resulted in 30% less attrition.
  • Increase talent pool available in each country up to 200%
  • Increase employee engagement 30% of employees signed up in the ambassador program.
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Estela Vazquez Perez

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